The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with family, friends and an abundance of food. However, this wonderful time of year also brings with it a chill in the air that can potentially lead to plumbing issues inside your home. This year, Troy Trawick wants to give you the gift of knowledge by discussing common winter plumbing problems and how to solve them.


  1. Clogged Pipes from Holiday Meals

Big holiday meals come with big cleanups and sometimes, we are guilty of trying to quickly discard the leftovers. Pouring grease, oil or coffee grounds down your sink, or any drain, can coat the inside of your plumbing and lead to future clogs. Find a different way to dump these items and avoid backed-up pipes!


  1. Water Line Breaks from Frozen Water

North Florida might not be subject to subzero weather, but it can easily get cold enough to freeze water in your plumbing. The professionals at Troy Trawick can assist you in making sure your home’s pipes are clear of any “sitting” water in order to ensure that water doesn’t freeze inside your pipes or hoses. Frozen water can create leaks and even break water lines if severe enough.


  1. Water Heater Failing

Cold weather can put a strain on your water heater which could lead to cold showers! Make sure to check that your water heater’s temperature is set no higher that 140 degrees. If it is set at or below 140 degrees and your water isn’t warming up, contact Troy Trawick today.


  1. Check Your Septic Tank

Inspecting your septic tank won’t exactly get you in the holiday spirit, but a septic problem in winter can be much more difficult to deal with. This is why we suggest that you have your septic tank inspected before the cold weather hits to avoid an unwanted present this year.


If you have any questions about these potential plumbing issues, call Troy Trawick Plumbing today.